Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmastide in Jim Thorpe

Stillman has taken to falling asleep on my shoulders, like a roosting bird.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just some recent shots

Stillman, dude, your mom is hot.

Christmas Tree

Here we are on the excursion to select and purchase our tree . . . .
Here's the decoratin' party.

Here's Stillman admiring our handiwork.

And here's another picture of him in that hat, just to be gratuitous.

North Carolina

We stayed in North Carolina for two weeks while work was being done on our place. Stillman got to bond with his Grandmama Fay . . . 

. . . and his Grandpa Joe.

Stillman's spankin' new set of wheels . . . .

We also got to visit Aunt Lue. Tom's grandson Evan was there. Evan is exactly one month older than Stillman.

We met Vanal and his mom and grandmother at Aunt Lue's (They drove up from South Carolina so Vanal could spend a weekend with us in Greensboro). Between ourselves, Vanal's family, and Tom's children and grandson, it was a nice big impromptu gathering on the day after Thanksgiving, with lots of leftovers and holiday cheer.

Nadia and Betty with Stillman.

Aunt Lue with the Boy.

Stillman even got to have his first campfire that night. S'mores and everything. Like mixing 4th of July with Thanksgiving.

We spent our last weekend in NC with Tom and Lue, including a visit to downtown Matthews for some holiday festivities.

Stillman 7 Months

Stillman turned 7 months while we were in North Carolina, so the scenery is a bit different in this month's montage . . . .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trip to New York

In November, we did a quick trip back to NYC. We got to spend some time with Sophia's good friend and former colleague, Melsie, and her family . . . .

Then got to see the Uncles Matchie . . . 

. . . And Johnny . . . 

And topped it all off with a nice gathering at Marcel's.

Stillman with Marcel's brother Omar.

Omar's fiancee Nancy.

Honorary cousins Kiefer and Keanu.

Annabelle, a.k.a Auntiebelle.
And of course Grandma Annette.